Who is ECG

We provide quality services with a holistic approach. We care about your leaders, teams, and community pillars efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Approach

Our integrative approach starts by listening to our client, being collaborative in our design process to meet their unique concerns, leveraging key tools and practices that promote effective outcomes. Our goal is to expand opportunities for systemic and sustainable impact. We see ourselves as accountability partners with our clients. We believe the core of transformation begins when you see everyone as a leader.

The guiding principles provide optimal outputs and opportunity:

  • Be a critical listener AND appreciate the unique concerns of each client
  • Be collaborative AND value the wisdom the client brings to the table
  • See the client AND the client’s system as the source for progressive and sustainable change.

Strategic Client Engagement

We use polarity management practices (leveraging key values in pairs) to effectively manage tensions within people, organizations and communities. These tensions often show up like a conflict, a need to shift the organizational directions or problems to fix.

Additional methods may include appreciative inquiry centered engagement. We seek to understand the resistances that prevent our clients from meeting their goals. We may include approaches based on Gestalt principles and practice.

What we offer

Our core services offer are developed and tailored to fit your unique concerns. Our key subject matters are designed and developed to support both individual and group/teams and larger groups. We understand the value of culture and context within corporate settings to our not-for-profit organizations. Culture matters; our collaborative process ensure we appreciate your organizational culture and the change your seeking

System One-Individual Development

  • Leadership Development (The Basics)
  • Leadership (Race Matters and Equity)
  • Leadership (Deep Dive and Experiential Learning Lab)
  • Leadership Development on the ground (community centered)
  • Leadership Coaching
    • Professional Development
    • Accountability Partner
    • Vision and Transformational Partner
  • Executive Experiential Coaching Quest
    • Tailored designed to challenge leaders through unique quest for transformational change.

System Two- Individual and Other(s)

  • Effectively managing across gender (Male and Female dynamics)
  • Effectively managing conflict and emotional intelligence
  • Effective facilitation skills with teams and large groups
  • Group Coaching

Systems Three – (Organization/Community)

  • Effectively managing tensions for change and new visions for teams, groups and boards
  • Building new visions to improve inequities (racial and health)
  • Facilitation for organization and community groups

Partners: Meeting our Mission beyond the Margin

ECG understands the importance of supporting the vibrancy of our communities where we live, work and play in Cleveland, Ohio. The work of our leadership is committed to leveraging the skills of our team to provide services that sustains the quality of life in our communities.

We want our corporate and for-profit clients to understand; by partnering with ECG you provide more opportunities to support communities in our local neighborhoods. Your investment with ECG not only benefits your organization, it benefits communities. We believe our corporate and for-profit leaders value ECG’s effort to meet the mission beyond the margin

Here are a few ways that we are currently doing this work:

  • We train community members in Leadership Development
  • We leverage our team talents to tackle tough community dynamics that range from community leaders addressing health prevention to facilitating challenging community conversations dealing with police engagement to racial relations.
  • We can assess the work of not-for-profit projects to improve project outcomes.

Our new initiative: Join the movement (Reach Forward AND Give Back)

The “Believe AND Be” Equity Leaders Initiative

ECG believes in reaching forward and giving back. This project is focused on youth and young adults. The Equity Leadership program will provide a deep dive experience for participants to better understand how to position themselves when addressing diversity and inclusion. Content will provide data on race and health inequities as it relates to the U.S. and the implications for our communities, schools and organizations. Participants will increase their leadership skills and self awareness in the following and more:

  • Leadership qualities and characteristics
  • Team work based on a collective project
  • Managing conflict within differences (challenges and opportunities)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leading as a Martial Arts Master (activities)

We aim to create independent thinkers with the resilience for igniting positive change in the face of challenge, tensions and opportunities.

Our target age group are high school age to young adults. The training will allow participants to better navigate social, organizational dynamics and with a focus on self and others to organizations and communities.

Statistically we see many men of color over represented in institutions that limit their contributions to the world and life cycle. We will be inclusive of all persons and provide targeted opportunities for young men of color as a part of this leadership program.

Our hope is that our our clients will partner with us because you are touching the lives of others beyond your organization.

About Our Team

Our team collectively has over 80 years or career and consulting experience. We are excited to share and leverage our expertise and discovery of what works as we collaborate with our clients/partners. We operate as a consortium of diverse thinkers, thought leaders and practitioners to that uplift best practices in context to the client/partner goals. Our experience in leadership extends to corporate, not for profit, government and higher learning. Designing evaluation is important to understanding your success. We are user friendly and welcome creative partnerships that provide the best results for our clients/partners.

  • Peter Whitt, Principle and Lead Consultant
  • Adriennie Hatten, PhD, Associate Consultant
  • Muqit Sabur, Associate Consultant
  • Teleange Thomas, Associate Consultant

Past Clients

  • City of Cleveland (Community Relations Board)
  • City of Cleveland (Cleveland Policing Commission)
  • Cleveland Public Library
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Diversity and Engagement)
  • YWCA Women’s Leadership Program
  • Open Doors Academy (Professional Coaching)
  • Wean Foundation’s 2.0 Program
  • New Orleans Department of health